This is a page for those who not only love to read, but love wearing what they’ve read in the past.

It’s how bibliophiles shake hands, how we introduce ourselves.

That morning train ride to work:

Book in one hand – CHECK

Coffee in the other hand – CHECK

Seat in the corner – FINGERS CROSSED

Depending on the day, you can go from wearing your best “1984” t-shirt, a book necklace draped around your neck, and a bibliophile’s badge of honour, the all-too-ubiquitous pin.

If you have to keep a professional appearance for your job, you can still sneak an accessory here and there to truly let your bibliophile freak flag fly.  Your pens hidden away in a composition book-styled case, hidden away in your local bookstore’s branded bag.  If you prefer to wear pants (male or female or any gender of your preference), you can totally get away with those book stack socks.

The above-mentioned pieces are just the tip of the literary-obsessed iceberg!

On this page, I’ll be discussing books I’m currently reading, books I have read, books I want to read, and books that I simply love.  I will also cover the newest items in the market.

I welcome you to put in your 2 cents, even if it doesn’t make too much sense.




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