In a world…

…filled with people who create their own worlds, and share those worlds with world-lovers of this world.

She knew it was love at first sight, the moment she lifted the hardback off the shelf.  There could be no other for her.

…but then she looked at the next shelf over, and it happened all over again.

She is… a bibliobimbo!


You can’t blame her, can you?  I mean, not really.  There’s so many great books out there!  Is a girl really expected to stay loyal to just one?

As you can probably already tell, this is not the most serious blog you’re going to read.  You are, however, going to have some fun!

My Wear/Read Friends is meant to not only bring bibliophiles together, but also to proudly wear our hearts on our sleeves and our books on our chests! (And ears, necks, wrists – okay, fine, ALL OVER!)

In this blog, I will be focusing not just on books from the past, present and future, but also on clothing and accessories (and hey! Tattoos!!!!) that are biblio-centric.

Over the last few years, I have been focusing on jewelry, clothing and bags that are literally literary (say that one five times real fast), and have proven to start conversations amongst strangers and those a little stranger.  Whether it’s someone on the F line who’s caught your eye with the newest Sedaris, the princess who reads King, or the guy in the corner getting his Deadpool fix, there’s something out there for everyone.  You can be a Hotter Potter, or a sci-fi snob, and still get a convo going with the hopeless romantic reading an Austen classic.  It’s all good here.

Soon to come: links on sites that sell book-related items, a vlog on currently-reading books, and updates on Best-sellers and Goodreads Recommendations.

Stay tuned, because I’m just getting started!


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